08. Februar 2012


Hallo. Da bin ich wieder. 2 Wochen verschollen im Nirgendwo. Ja, ich hatte wieder Schule und war fast 2 Wochen abgeschirmt von der Außenwelt.

Aber jetzt bin ich wieder am Start und fleißig am Arbeiten. Und am Filme gucken und verdammt noch mal, ihr müsst euch UNBEDINGT diesen Film angucken: Drive. Für mich ist es einer der besten Filme seit langem. Die Musik ist einfach großartig und fette Aufnahmen und Bilder hat er auch. Über Ryan Gosling brauchen wir gar nicht mehr zu reden, er ist sowieso der Beste seiner Zeit. 3 Mal habe ich mir schon den heißen Scheiß angeguckt und ich würde es noch weitere 100 Mal machen.



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6 Antworten zu “DRIVE.”

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anm?eroy!

    I like your swoopy bangs. If I had straight hair, I’d totally rock the bangs in my face look. Sexy!I have to pluck my eyebrows every 5 days or more. Now that’s out of control! Gross….You should get a mani/pedi. Haha…waste of money….

    Wow, I really should pay more attention to the FFwD schedule. I’ve been wanting to make eclairs and this would have been the perfect opportunity. Darn. I already have the book, too. It would be a great reason to use it. Yours look wonderful, though. I can only imagine how awesome the Vanilla-Nutella combination tastes.

    Ordered the Inc. on 5-20, yes that’s May 20 and so far have been given 9 different dates by the local Verizon Dealer.Just called Verizon and changed the order to Droid X, which includes a discount of $105.-. I’m done with HTC and actually look forward to a bigger screen and heftier phone.Always felt that my Iphone was a bit on the smallish side.

    Great tips. I would add using credit card points to pay for your flights and I would add staying in hostels. We use hostels a lot when traveling. They are great. They are clean, cozy, central, and affordable. They have come a long way over the years.

    My goodness, Dormouse, I’ve learnt so much more of your story from this post. I’m loving the Grow your Blog thing already- I’ve popped in chez you and Betty and it has made for fascinating reading! I’m having a little giveaway too, but it will definitely be tomorrow before it’s up! Do call round later in the weekend x