11. Mai 2010


Heute ist nicht viel passiert. Uni, uni, uni. Aber ich habe mir ein paar alte Fotos angeschaut un an die schönen Zeiten gedacht, die hoffentlich bald wieder kommen werden.


2 Antworten zu “Remember.”

    Hey!! I don’t understand a word in your blog but im thinking of reading german this atumm because i want to move to Berlin for a while!! I was there last month and i loved it. it felt like home to me eventhough i didn’t know the language!

    we did also take photos ina photomachine : http://mango.blogg.se/2010/april/fotoremsa.html#comment

    Where do you live? HUGS!!

    Yeees, i live in Sweden!! I’m planning of moving to Stockholm this fall, and study german, and hope to get a job too. I’ve never been to Hamburg, but i so want to go there, but hey! You are welcome to stay at my flat if i ever get one i Stockholm! I love to meet new people 🙂 I’ve been thinking of translating my posts as a comment in my blog for non-swedish readers because i do have a few as you, that don’t understand a word. I’m curious, how did you find my blog? 🙂